(25,946 words. april 5, 2022)
text-based game. HTML/Twine.
The year is 1999.
The place is Godfield, Louisiana: the tech capital of the world,
where the sky bleeds acid and the mud boils in the bayou.
It is time for your state-mandated digital therapy.
20-60 minute playtime, 6 endings.

universal hologram
(34,107 words. oct 1, 2021)
text-based science fiction game. HTML/Twine.
The citizens of a far-future Martian colony begin projecting their consciousnesses using
astral projection techniques in the hopes that doing so will provide meaning, or at least
entertainment, to their computer-generated lives.
downloadable version, incl. soundtrack, available from

north alter
(38,946 words. may 11, 2020)
apocalyptic soap opera set at a North Adams state college.
novel/meta-geological survey.

consciousness hologram
(25,761 words. mid 2017, rev. mid/late 2018 & again late 2019)
text-based science fiction game. HTML/Twine. intended to appraise the state of both
utopic and dystopic sci fi w/ a specific focus on existence/consciousness, deep futurism, transhumanism,
art, technology, suffering, bacterial infections, inter-cranial stimulation, and sand.

(4,893 words. mid 2016)
hybrid poetry. powerpoint -> PDF.
fictive gender biography. familial & romantic relationships. also: solipsism, drug use, dreams